“What makes the quality of a researcher’s inventiveness and imagination is the quality of his attention to hearing the voices of things.”

Alexander Grothendiek

We seek students and postdocs who share the dream to understand vision. We value strong work ethic, independence, creativity, optimism, openness to new ideas, clarity of thought, and mathematical/programming skill. Previous experience is not essential, except as necessary to have aroused a deep and genuine curiosity about the scientific problems. Successful applicants should have experience with imaging, electrophysiology, and computational analysis, and a deep interest in the neural underpinnings of semantic representation.  For more information please contact Doris.

Post-doctoral fellows: please email your CV and a brief statement of research accomplishments, interests and career plans to Doris. See below the projects that we are particularly interested in.

PhD students: If you’d like to explore the possibility of working with us as a graduate student, please first apply to UC Berkeley graduate programs. We are most likely to work with students from Neuroscience, Molecular & Cell Biology, Computational Biology, Computer Science, and EECS. We welcome exceptional students from all other backgrounds. Drop by Doris’s office and let’s talk science. Doing a short rotation project can help you see if this lab is a good fit for you.

Undergraduates: please email your CV and brief statement of research interests to Doris. Consider applying for Undergraduate Research Fellowships.