This course will be partially driven by class participation and student presentations on papers. In order to sign up for a paper, go to this doodle poll and fill in your name and preference for which paper you would like to present. Paper 1 corresponds to the first paper listed in the syllabus, paper 2 the second paper, etc. Currently there are 17 papers and 14 students so if you feel ambitious feel free to sign up for two papers!


Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Lecture 4


Text: Theoretical Neuroscience


Monday 4/14/2014

(presented by Janis and Mason)

Murayama et al., 2009

Seung et al., 2000

4/21 Vision I
4/28 Vision II
Gregoriou et al., 2009 (Carey Zhang)
5/5 (No Class)
5/12 Learning and Decision making I
Gold and Shadlen, 2000 (Lekha Viswanadham)
Swaminathan and Freedman, 2012 (Michael Dieterle)
5/19 Learning and Decision making II
Mante et al., 2013  (Emily Jensen)
Rigotti et al., 2013 (Emily Jensen)
Memory (canceled due to scheduling)
5/26 Guest Lecture by John Doyle
For this monday please read and complete an assignment for the following papers (linkes provided):